Julio Pallomari Chaparro
Francisco Pallomari Chaparro
Tamara Pallomari Cortes
Alfredo Pallomari Chaparro
Sergio Berger Pallomari
Anna Paganini Pallomari
Giovanna Paganini Pallomari
Eduardo Pallomari Cortes
Lily Pallomari Gonzalez
Georgina Pallomari
Eduardo Berger Pallomari
Christian Pallomari Cortes
Marcelo Pallomari
Fernando Ferrari Pallomari
Constanza Pallomari Holz
Juan-Ramon Ferrari Pallomari
Guillermo Pallomari Gonzalez
Juana Pallomari
Jacqueline Pallomari Ortega
Giuseppe Paganini Pallomari
Gino Pallomari Chaparro
Sergio Pallomari Cortes
Luigina Ferrari Pallomari
Ema Pallomari
Nicole Pallomari Ortega
Stephanie Pallomari Ortega
Gino Pallomari Chaparro
Eduardo Ferrari Pallomari
Nora Aranguiz Pallomari
Jorge Aranguiz Pallomari
Marcia Pallomari
Juan-Alfonso Lopez Pallomari
Yamile Pallomari
Clara Magallanes Pallomari
Olga Magallanes Pallomari
Hernando Magallanes Pallomari
Alejandro Pallomari
Guillermo Aranguiz Pallomari
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