Jose-Alfonso Picuntureo Lepio
Elsa Caucaman Picuntureo
Carmen Chaura Picuntureo
Benito Chaura Picuntureo
Antonio Chaura Picuntureo
Manuel Picuntureo
Jose-Aladino Picuntureo
Daniel Barra Picuntureo
Pedro Barra Picuntureo
Maria-Susana Picuntureo Pérez
Juan-Antonio Picuntureo Remolcoy
Jose-Luis Picuntureo Lepio
Hector Picuntureo Pérez
Jose Picuntureo Pérez
Luis-Osvaldo Picuntureo Pérez
Manuel Antiñanco Picuntureo
Doralisa Picuntureo Pérez
Juan-Criste Caucaman Picuntureo
Lilia Picuntureo Remolcoy
Gabriela Picuntureo Jara
Carlos Barra Picuntureo
Maria-Zunilda Ojeda Picuntureo
Anibal Picuntureo Pérez
Katterin Picuntureo Jara
Luisa Tavie Picuntureo
Rosa Tavie Picuntureo
Maria-Doralisa Chaura Picuntureo
Victor Barra Picuntureo
Audalia Picuntureo Lepio
Jorge Aguilar Picuntureo
Manuela Picuntureo Lepio
Jose-Arturo Tavie Picuntureo
Gladys Picuntureo Remolcoy
Matias Picuntureo Jara
Eduardo Barra Picuntureo
Oscar Picuntureo Jara
Karenia Aguilar Picuntureo
Maria-Yolanda Barra Picuntureo
Gladys Picuntureo Pérez
Yenniffer Picuntureo Aguilar
Juan-Emilio Picuntureo Pérez
Gricelda Picuntureo
Hernan Barra Picuntureo
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