Carlos Wijnands Troncoso
Lucia Basterrica Wijnands
Gladys Sepulveda Wijnands
Gladys Wijnands Arias
Miguel Wijnands Arias
Francisca Wijnands Viveros
Diego Wijnands Riquelme
Robert Wijnands Troncoso
Ulises Wijnands Troncoso
Ana Wijnands Arias
Carlos Wijnands Villarroel
Matias Wijnands Riquelme
Javiera Wijnands Riquelme
Guillermo Wijnands Mondaca
Osvaldo Wijnands Troncoso
Catalina Wijnands Villarroel
Felipe Wijnands Viveros
Carlos Wijnands Arias
Ricardo Wijnands Mondaca
Miguel-Angel Wijnands Mondaca
Marco Basterrica Wijnands
Daniel Wijnands
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