Jossy Zelaya Ypanaque
Cleotilde Ypanaque Flores
John Ypanaque Flores
Pedro Ypanaque Burga
Jose-Del-Carmen Ypanaque Garcia
Lucy Ypanaque Cárcamo
Carlos Ypanaque Jara
Luz Ypanaque Burga
Jacinta Ypanaque De-Lopez
Vilanoba Ypanaque Echevarria
Carlos Ypanaque Florian
Henry Ypanaque Arias
Cesar Zelaya Ypanaque
Claudia Ypanaque
Charles Ypanaque De-La-Cruz
Wilfredo Ypanaque Flores
Estefani Chumbe Ypanaque
Pedro Maco Ypanaque
Maricela Lopez Ypanaque
Marcelo Quiroga Ypanaque
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